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Home insurance

It has been proven that the major part of the damages to your property occur exactly in your home. Protect the place you live in the right way and enjoy the time spent with your loved ones selecting one of the packages which suits your needs best.


What are the features of this insurance?

Fire, flood, burglary, theft, or other hazards can destroy or seriously damage your possessions. In order to quickly overcome the consequences of the incident and restore your life without any major expenses, we highly recommend our Home Insurance Packages.

Home Insurance covers:

Insurance of residential buildings
Insurance of household items
Liability insurance for damage caused to third parties
Covering costs for necessary accommodation of the insured and his family, when the apartment is damaged to the extent that is not suitable for living


 The Subject of the Insurance in Home Insurance includes:

  • Residential buildings
    (Apartments and individual buildings) as buildings with inbuilt electric, hot water, sewage and water installation used for residential purposes (hereinafter: Residential Buildings).
  • Household items
    (Found in the insured residential building and are in use of the insured or members of his household)

An inhabited apartment is considered an apartment in which the insured has a permanent residence and which doesn't remain uninhabited more than 60 days without interruption during a twelve month period.

Household items include:

  • items used for habitation purposes
  • items for personal use

This insurance also covers:

  • cash
  • artworks
  • securities
  • valuables and collectibles

Liability for damages caused to third parties

Cost of necessary accommodation

The subject of insurance doesn't involve:

  • component apliances of the building
  • (Hydrafores outside the building, wells, water tanks, etc.).
  • motor vehicles
  • bicycles with an auxiliary engine
  • trailers and buoyant vehicles and objects
  • manufacturing equipment - machines
  • stocks of materials and goods used for handcrafting and other activities
  • unprocessed precious metals and unprocessed precious stones
  • groceries

Items situated in continually unoccupied residential and other objects may be subject to insurance against the risk of burglary and robbery under these conditions if contracted upon and paid for an additional premium.

If additional arrangement is made and additional premium is paid, Croatia will provide the insurance protection against burglary and robbery for holiday homes.

Residential buildings can be insured as business premises if special arrangements are made and an additional premium is paid.

If special arrangement is made and additional premium is paid, the following items may be insured: satellite dishes, the equipment for individual central heating, including fuel tanks (without fuel), air conditioners and computers, appliances with net worth over 500 EUR, home surveillance cameras and weapons in legal possession with proper license, etc.


Main hazards (risks)

  • fire
  • lightning
  • explosion, except nuclear explosion and radioactive contamination
  • storm
  • hail
  • demonstrations and protests
  • air crash
  • water spill-outs from the water plumbing and sewage systems,
    and appliances and pipes from hot water installations
  • burglary and robbery, except in uninhabited apartments and holiday homes, if separately contracted.
    Uninhabited apartments in terms of these conditions are apartments that are unoccupied without interruption up to 2 months during one year.

Additional hazards

If special arrangements are made and an additional premium paid, the insurer is obliged to pay a compensation in case of damage from additional hazards (risks) as follows:

  • flood, torrents and high waters
  • slipping and sloping land
  • avalanche
  • breaking windows

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